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Go paperless now with our amazing Schoologs!

No more time wastage, No more hassle to maintain data, no more lack of communication.

Improve your Process

We are supporting educators and Inspiring students and Parents to be more connected.

Achieve More

With less papers and more data integrity and data analysis in place. You would never miss important insights.

Customize on Demand

Based on Industry standards, Schoologs is highly adaptable to your process and customizable as well.

Safe and Secure

Helping to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our customers’ data is of the utmost importance to Schoologs.

Handle your Institution with Ease

Our solution can enable you to manage all your organization and campuses online in a cost effective manner

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Free Updates & Support

Our happy customers and their continuous process improvement as we grow is key indicator that we are deeply loved by Innovative Schools.

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One Place to Organize & Manage your schools.

Schoologs makes it easy to go paperless, bring innovation to your school and track the results. Our modular approach in functional models of Schoologs is enabling us to provide you with a solution which can enable you to manage all your organization and campuses online in a cost effective manner.

Innovative solutions

Flexible Online School Management Software for complete control over your schools with anywhere, anytime access!

Better organization

It’s simple & easy, works anywhere and all time, on cloud, affordable, flexible, scalable, highly secured and much more.

Integration with the cloud

Give your school an edge over the competition with Web based Management and our Cloud Hosted Solution at Affordable Pricing.

Accelerated workflow

Daily Tasks Managed with digital solutions! Spend less time on attendance, messages, home works, updates, marks and report generation!

Communicate & Collaborate Anytime & Anywhere

Schoologs platform allows customers to run their school operations with peace of mind about their data security since we meet several industry-specific standards. Auto deployment of latest system wide changes takes the burden off from staff for technology management.

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