Who can use Schoolog?

Schoologs is an online school management software, any schools, any size, any boards of any country can integrate Schoologs to their system and manage the school functioning digitally.

How Schoologs helps our school?

Schoologs is an unique software which is highly customizable that is available in cloud providing anywhere, anytime access. This helps to digitalize your schools and supports the requirements of management, teachers, parents and students. It has integrated modules which works combined to stay connected in presence and performance.

What is SAAS platform?

Schoologs is hosted in the cloud and is backed by AWS Infrastructure. Schools can enjoy Schoologs Software-As-A-Service which allows you to sign up based on number of student and access the software online. This is a cloud version which will be deployed exclusively for your school and your school data is highly protected by Amazon Web Service Infrastructure. It allows you to access anywhere and anytime. It does not require any special hardware or installation. It gives instant access on deployment.

What kind of support and training I can expect?

You as our client will gain extensive support by our school care team. You will also gain a training programme for which you would be certified officially to professional operate the application.

What will be the process of updating the school data?

We assist you to import the school data into our system. Once after the sign-up you would be guided through to provide the required details of the school data and the school master set up which will be imported into your instance of Schoologs team.

Why Schools should trust us with their sensitive data?

Schoologs is a product developed by ITROOS (Seronic Group Company), which is in business with multiple schools and multi-national companies already. We have state of art modern Information Security protocols in place which makes sure your data is in safe hands. You can view our privacy statement here. And detailed End user license agreement makes you in-charge and owner of data.

How we are different from other School Management Information Systems?

Schools suffer big time from amateur developers products and lack of support and guidance in adopting to IT solutions. Our team having expertise in Change Management, Process Re-engineering can help you easily adopt to solution as well as the Schoologs is highly customisable according to your process thus making it unique cloud base school management information system.

How we are different from Moodle?

Moodle is a Learning Management system, more focused on handling course works and course materials for tech savvy students and teachers. Schoologs is easy School Information Management system for Academics and Administration staff with short learning curve.

What about exit Strategy?

You can terminate the services with Schoologs with a one month notice. Since you are owner and in-charge of data, you would be handed over with backups in Excel format/ SQL format, in case you choose to have an exit.

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